Het Coolste LAN & esports evenement van de Benelux

31 Mei | 1 Juni | 2 Juni | 2019


Many esports tournaments


A free to play and EXPO area

LAN 2.0

A LAN to the ultimate


TME brengt de party in de LAN Party



LAN 2.0


The esports area

Be a star!

Esports tournaments
During the LAN, players with a LAN party ticket can qualify for the esport tournaments and therefore have a chance to win a spot in the finals on the esports stage!

Tournaments / Competitions
The following main competitions will be organized:

– League of Legends
– Rocket League
– Smash Ultimate

Furthermore, we are currently looking at possible FIFA / PES, Fortnite and Battlefield tournaments.
For information about the tournaments to be played, Tournament Director Lukas Geerts: lukas@themainevent.nl

FTP area

The latest gear, games, services, gadgets, tests, demos and goodies you name it. It can be found at the Main FTP Expo.

Game developers with new alpha or beta versions, introduction of new games. Testing the latest games in the Expo section! Do you want to see, smell or use the latest hardware? You got it! Are you looking for a different or new job? Recruiters with the most amazing job offers can be found here.

Moreover, there is a lot of ‘Free to Play’-content in the various stands and in the experience area you can participate in several activities like VR gaming, racing, retro gaming and many more. Simply said, There is a lot to do at the Main FTP EXPO.

In addition to the food truck square and the lounge area, an exciting TME Ninja Track will be created where you can participate in the ‘Fittest gamer’ Competition. Very experienced instructors accompany you with this challenge who will be the TME Ninja and go home with the main prize?

You have not seen a LAN party like at TME 2019!

What you are used to is of course there;

  • Your own place including chair
  • A fast internet connection
  • A current point of course
  • Possibility to set up your own competition
  • Toilets and washing facilities
  • Catering point
  • esport stage for finals
  • Place to sleep

But at TME 2019 you can expect so much more.


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TME 2019 For gamers, By gamers!

Entertainment ten top!

Friday night after party
Starting the weekend show!
We are busy with the programming of the Friday evening party at the Main stage in the event area.
Follow the site or our social media channels and you will be the first to see the guest list. a hint for the connoisseurs. Friday is a mix marathon!

Saturdaynight fever 4.0
After some great esport competitions and the COSplay finale on the Mainstage we close the evening with a wonderful Dance Party with very cool DJs. Follow the site or our social media channels and you will be the first to see the line-up.

Chilling in Ibiza style
A lounge area where you can chill out in Ibiza style on the sounds of a Live DJ with a food truck and catering square to make it complete.

Action areas
Being active with a Ninja track, who sets the fastest time and gets the title TME Ninja 2019? An experience area where you can experience a lot yourself and of course a lot of Free to Play games!

Special guests
Of course there will be the necessary streamers, vloggers and known gamers during the TME2019. But you can also experience your favorite esporter from one of the Dutch or European top teams. Follow the site or our social media channels and you will be the first to see the line-up.

TME2019 Cosplay competition
During The Main Event there is also a great Cosplay competition held on the Mainstage. On the stage with accompanying music and beautiful effects, the characters come into their own and compete for the TME2019 award and nice money prizes. Cosplay fans can also see their favorite characters up close during the event and take pictures with them!



LAN Ticket
VIP ticket
Esport pro ticket

Het basispakket voor een LAN.

  • Tafel
  • normale stoel
  • Gigabit netwerk aansluiting of Power WiFi
  • Ticket voor de afterparty
  • Slaapplek in aparte zaal

Voor de gamers die net wat meer willen. Een uitgebreider LAN pakket.

  • Brede tafel
  • Gigabit aansluiting
  • Power Wifi
  • Gaming chair
  • Goodie bag
  • Ticket voor de afterparty
  • Aparte slaapplek
  • En meer!

Het ultieme eSports pakket

  • Brede tafel
  • Gigabit netwerk aansluiting
  • Power WiFi
  • Goodies
  • Voedseldeskundige
  • Fysiotherapeut
  • Ticket voor de afterparty
  • Slaapplek
  • was en douche
  • en meer!

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